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Flotten Lake Cottage Subdivision

President: Judi Foster
Unit #121-2710 Main Street,
Saskatoon, Sask.  S7H 0M3
Phone: (306) 361-0242 (Home) and (306) 236-2293 (Cottage)
E-mail: jcedwards@sasktel.net

Vice-President: John L. Michael
518 - 3rd Ave. West,
Meadow Lake, Sask.  S9X 1B3
Phone: (306) 236-5566 and (306) 236-3881 (Cottage)
E-mail: j.jmichael@live.com

Secretary-Treasurer:  Danielle Sled
447 Rutherford Cres
Saskatoon, Sask.
Phone: (306) 713-2200
E-mail: danielle.sled@gmail.com

Please note: All cabins were destroyed by Forest Fire, May 2018. There is no Cottage Association activity at this time. We hope that all cottages will be rebuilt by early 2020, with the next annual meeting to be held July 2020

Our Flotten Lake Subdivision holds our AGM meeting each year on the first Saturday of each July. 
Flotten Lake is approximately 7 miles long, 2 miles wide with three islands in the middle of it with sandbars and rock reefs. Flotten River runs out of the lake with sheltered and secluded bays.  

Flotten Lake Subdivision is situated at the east side of the Flotten Lake and north east corner of Meadow Lake Provincial Park. The Meadow Lake Provincial Park is one of the largest in the provincial park system encompassing 1,600 Sq. km's of boreal forest and many excellent lakes. Flotten Lake is one of the more beautiful lakes which provide many excellent outdoor recreational activities. Adjacent to the lake is the Flotten River which provides excellent fishing, canoeing and kayaking for the enthusiasts. For the avid hunter, Flotten Lake offers whitetail deer hunting, bear hunting, moose hunting, duck and or geese hunting. For the fisherman, Flotten Lake offers many unique experiences in big northern pike, walleye and perch fishing.

Adjacent to the Flotten Lake Subdivision, there are two public campsites (north and south) with waterspouts connected for camper's usage from the main 'subdivision pump-house' which is owned by the cottagers.  This is a pressured water system installed at the subdivision paid by the cottagers as a capital cost with the water system in operation from approximately mid-May to the 2nd week of September each year. The cottager's have a joint management agreement for maintenance with TPCS staff in the servicing of the water system which is a direct benefit to our cottagers and to the public campgrounds.

The boat launch is very new and just installed recently (June - 2010) and the parking lot area is the responsibility of the Meadow Lake Provincial Park (TPCS), not of the Ministry of Highways.  The Ministry of Highways grades the road into this location periodically.

Flotten Lake is unique and offers different amenities such as excellent camping, swimming at the beaches, excellent boating amenities such as fishing tables, picnic tables, firewood for both south and north campsites, and waterspouts to each campsite for the general public. The Flotten Lake Resort is also available approximately two miles from the subdivision at the north east corner of Flotten Lake for those that may need modern accommodation, a shower house which could be reached by highway #4 to Dorintosh (Park Office) and then to highway #904 in the Meadow Lake Provincial Park.  

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