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Saskatchewan Provincial Parks Cabin Owners’ Association (SPPCOA) is a voluntary organization representing 11 provincial park cottage associations and one recreational site, having a combined total of 2162 cabins within those parks.

SPPCOA was formed in 1994, and represents its members by providing leadership on many crucial issues affecting cottage properties.  Currently our lease fees provide approximately $2.2 million dollars in revenue for the Ministry of Parks, Culture and Sport (PCS). 

The 11 member Cottage Owners’ Associations (COA) is as follows:
1) Delorme’s Beach COA at Battlefords Provincial Park
2) Cypress Hills COA at Cypress Hills Provincial Park
3) Madge Lake COA at Duck Mountain Provincial Park
4) Good Spirit Lake COA at Good Spirit Lake Provincial Park
5) Greenwater Lake COA at Greenwater Lake Provincial Park
6) LaRonge COA at Lac La Ronge Provincial Park
7) Moose Mountain COA at Moose Mountain Provincial Park
8) Lower Fishing Lake COA at Narrow Hills Provincial Park
9) Pike Lake COA at Pike Lake Provincial Park
10) Saskatchewan Landing COA at Saskatchewan Landing Provincial Park
11) Meadow Lake Provincial Park is represented by six local associations:

  • Flotten Lake Cottage Subdivision
  • Greig Lake Leaseholders Association
  • Howe Bay Leaseholders Association (Pierce Lake)
  • Jeannette Lake COA
  • Kimball Lake COA
  • Lac des Iles COA

The Recreational Site with cottages is Lovering Lake.

SPPCOA presents a unified voice for our members when holding regular dialogue with the Ministry of Parks, Culture and Sport, including discussions on lease fees, direct service fees and cottage subdivision directives. We also identify major issues affecting our membership and try to address concerns by providing information to each member association and, if needed, by lobbying government on behalf of our members. 

SPPCOA has an Annual General Meeting (AGM) each year, normally held in October.  At this meeting we conduct association business, as well as review the year’s activities.  There is also a round-table discussion, where representatives share what is happening in their park.


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