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Lac LaRonge Cottage Owners’ Association

Welcome to the LaRonge portion of the Provincial Cottage Owners Association web site. We are pleased that you are interested in us and we hope we can provide you with the information you are looking for.

Lac LaRonge Provincial Park (LLPP) is a remote and unique park located some 240 kilometres north of Prince Albert, in the Canadian Shield.  It is the largest provincial park in Saskatchewan and has one hundred fresh water lakes and over one thousand islands within its boundaries.

There are 253 privately owned cottages within the park boundary. The vast majority of these cottages are on leased land. These cottages are not located in sub-divisions and are not accessible by road.  This means that cottage access is limited to certain types of transportation and available only when the seasons and weather conditions allow. 

About the Association
The LaRonge Cottage Owners Association (LCOA) has been actively representing cottage owners in the LaRonge Provincial Park for many years.  The LOCA mandate is to represent the interests of our cabin owners and to support the wellbeing of the park. Membership fees are $20 per year per cottage. Memberships can be purchased at any of the LCOA events or from any board member.  If you have any suggestions please feel free to contact any of the LCOA board members.

Annual General Meeting (AGM)
Our annual general meeting is held at Eagle Point Golf Clubhouse at 1pm on the Saturday before the long weekend in August. This is where you can get up to date on what is going on with issues relating to the park and your cottage. It is also a great way to meet your neighbours, both new and old, and enjoy the meal and socializing that follows the meeting.

LCOA Board Members
President: Matt Klassen
La Ronge, SK
Phone: 306 425-2554 Home 306 425 8652 Cell

Vice-President: Larry Sutherland
La Ronge, SK
Phone: 306 425 8620
Email: globetrotter2003@sasktel.net

Secretary-Treasurer: Claudette McGuire
Battleford, SK.
Phone: 306 441 9388 Cell 306 446-6652 Work
Email: claudette.mcguire@pnrha.ca

Director for La Ronge: Wade Mohr
La Ronge, SK
Phone: 306 425-2554 Home 306 425-8652 Cell
Email: wmohr@sasktel.net

Director for Saskatoon: Ken Cavanaugh
Saskatoon, SK
Phone: 306 242-3113 Work
Email: kcavanaugh@shaw.ca

Director - Prince Albert: Norm Horne
Prince Albert
Phone: 306 763-8815
Email: nk.horne@sasktel.net

Director for Regina: Ross McIntyre
Regina, SK
Phone: 306 781-6434
Email: rmcintyre@accesscomm.ca

For additional information please feel free to contact any of our board members.

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