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Madge Lake Cottage Owners' Association (MLCOA) Duck Mountain Provincial Park

Welcome to our web page. The MLCOA seeks to represent the 325 residential leaseholders within DMPP by liaising with cottage owners, park administration, and the Ministry of Parks, Culture and Sport. We are proud of our beautiful four-season park and endeavor to promote all it has to offer. We convey ideas, issues and the concerns of our members to park administration to promote improvements and amenities in our park. In turn, the park staff discusses issues with our executive and recap activities that they are involved with at monthly meetings held throughout the summer.

Our directors canvass their respective subdivisions encouraging cottage owners to purchase $10 annual memberships to MLCOA, and to update their contact information. From this we have established a database that is the entry point to several initiatives including: E-mail addresses that allow us to communicate more efficiently with our members; and them with us through our email MadgeLakeCOA@gmail.com. Publication of an annual telephone directory including subdivision maps that is sold to members at cost. Contact information for the Emergency Measures Plan for DMPP.

Members are encouraged to support our commercial leaseholders operations, and support environmental initiatives such as the Canadian Lakes Loon Survey.

Annual Events:

2nd Sunday in July: Bannock Breakfast (9:30 – 10:30 am), followed by the Annual General Meeting at the Rec Hall.

August Long Weekend: Saturday Fireworks at Ministik Beach (9:30 pm)

Chairperson: Connie Rosowsky Telephone: (306) 542-3909 Email: crosowsky@sasktel.net

Subdivision Representatives:

Benito Subdivision    Barb Lange jbmadge@sasktel.net
Sandra Benson sanb@sasktel.net
Patti Hack jphack@sasktel.net
Jubilee Subdivision Allan Bear fozzybear@sasktel.net
Connie Rosowsky crosowsky@sasktel.net
Bob Stoyand bob.stoyand@gmail.com
Don Haslund lhaslund@accesscomm.ca
Jay Jesky jjesky@sasktel.net
Nancy Welykholowa nanwelyk@gmail.com
Kamsack Subdivision Don Finnie vdfinnie@yahoo.com
Gwen Reilkoff    gwerei@sasktel.net
Debbie Sears sears.family@sasktel.net
Ranger’s Bay Les Schmidt macschmidt@sasktel.net
Midway Subdivision Tom Tomochko k.tomochko@sasktel.net

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