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Saskatchewan Landing Cottage Owners’ Association

Sask Landing Cottage Owners’ Association became a reality in 2010, when responsibility for issues regarding the subdivision passed from The Sask Landing Cooperative Association to the Cottage Owners’ Association.  Working under a new constitution, a Board of six elected members oversees committees that deal with community, government and Parks.  Previous to this, the Cooperative covered the $13,000 cost of the construction of a playground. In 1996 all the lots were serviced with natural gas. The walking paths in the development were covered with pea gravel in 2001. In 2004 we replaced the old playground with a $23,000.00 structure erected by volunteer residents. We shared the cost of paving the walkways throughout the development ($65,000.00). When the cottage subdivision was developed the Cooperative paid for the upgrade to the Parks water system, which allowed us to use it; and covered the cost of the water line that services the golf clubhouse, the entry gate office and Parks maintenance yard. At present all of the 50 lots in Sandy Ridge Cottage Development are sold. There are 46 cottages completed with the last four homes under construction.

Past Presidents of Sask Landing Cooperative are Lloyd Hinks, Dennis Ghiglione, Garth Reimer, Norman Goertzen, Dan McLeod, John Bardahl and Darryl Denning, their contributions noteworthy.


“Many of the residents of Sandy Ridge Cottages have headed up or sat on boards and steering committees to push government and Parks for development within the Park such as the Marina, Golf course and soon a permanent seasonal campground at the golf course.

We are unique within the Sask. Park system as most of the infrastructure within the Park had been built and paid for by the private sector working in cooperation with Parks. 

We have the best and the most orderly developed cottage subdivision within any Provincial Park within Saskatchewan, of this, we who have cottages should be very proud.”  Garth Reimer

“To do the incredible, you must dream the impossible!”              

Condensed and annotated from “A History of Sandy Ridge” that was written and researched by Sandra Hinks.

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